Two Cooks in the Kitchen

At Colonial Homes, we build homes that perfectly balance modern amenities with timeless comfort. By focusing on how you live, we create homes that solve the problems of your current space and anticipate your future needs. … Read more »

Consider Furniture in New Home Design

Designing a new home offers an opportunity to tailor each space to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. The consideration of furniture placement and traffic flow is essential when creating a well-thought-out space that is both beautiful and functional.… Read more »

Transform Your Home with a Whole-Home Remodel

Have you outgrown your home’s style and layout and considered building a new home but love your current location too much to give it up? A whole-home remodel with Colonial Homes offers a modern solution that reimagines your living environment – custom-fit your lifestyle – without uprooting and moving… Read more »

Adding Character Through Architectural Details

Building a custom home with Colonial Homes in Northeast Indiana means creating a space that's uniquely yours, right down to the architectural details that give your home its character. Here are some exterior features that can transform your new home from standard to standout… Read more »

Versatile Multipurpose Design

The past few years have seen an evolution in the way we live in our homes. The word “pivot” was on everyone’s lips as our world changed and we learned to adapt. Today’s new homes are evolving too. Colonial Homes, based in the heart of Northeast Indiana, specializes in homes that aren’t simply beautiful but are beautifully adaptable to fit your needs… Read more »

The Art of Customization

Colonial Homes luxury homebuilders understand that building a home is not just about constructing a living space, but creating a personal sanctuary tailored to your taste to fit the way you live. Our strength lies in the unmatched level of customization for your dream home, ensuring that every corner reflects your style… Read more »

Home: The Gathering Place

Colonial Homes, a name synonymous with quality and tradition, specializes in creating homes that are not just living spaces but are the centers of family traditions, holiday gatherings, and lifelong memories. Since 1976, Colonial Homes has been a trusted name in the Northeast Indiana and Northwestern Ohio regions. We are not just building houses; we're crafting future heritage sites for families… Read more »

The Colonial-Style Home

Colonial-style homes offer a classic American architectural style with a timeless allure. This home style is often a favorite for people who appreciate tradition and symmetry. In today's world, colonial-style homes continue to attract homeowners seeking a blend of the old and the new… Read more »

Your Home is Your Canvas

At Colonial Homes, our work is not simply about building houses; it's about constructing a frame for your life, brick by meticulously selected brick. After all, what is a home if not an extension of those who live in it? Welcome to limitless possibilities. Welcome to Colonial Homes.… Read more »

Classic Craftsman Luxury

If you love the beauty of handcrafted artisanal craftsmanship, create your own piece of history with Colonial Homes' Craftsman Style Home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty of earthy materials and perfect harmony with nature… Read more »

Crafting Timeless Luxury

Colonial Homes' approach to luxury dwelling revolves around marrying the essence of classical architectural styles with modern functionality. Our commitment to building homes that stand the test of time ensures that each residence becomes a treasured legacy for generations to come… Read more »

Visit our Eagle Rock Model Home

For over four decades, Colonial Homes has been a respected name in the home-building industry in Northeast Indiana. We are thrilled to invite you and your family to explore our newest model home in Eagle Rock—an exquisite embodiment of modern living… Read more »

Building Your Custom Lake Home

Building a lake home is a dream for many. Colonial Homes creates homes that dazzle the senses, whether a summer getaway or a year-round lake house. Our ability to blend design elements in your custom lake home with the beauty of its surroundings helps to emphasize the poetic relationship between architecture and nature.… Read more »

Build on Your Own Lot

Colonial Homes makes the building process easy and affordable. If you own a piece of land, a lot in a neighborhood, or if you own acreage and you’re looking to build a dream home, Colonial Homes is here to help! … Read more »

Delagrange Builders' Enduring Legacy

It all began a hundred years ago in 1922 when David and Maggie Delagrange moved their family into a working farmstead in the small town of Woodburn, Indiana. While raising six children, David remodeled and renovated their country home.… Read more »

Hardware: Elevation of Style

When Colonial Homes of Fort Wayne, Indiana, designs your custom home, the hardware finishes are never an afterthought. We use the visual power of hardware to elevate the style and design of your custom home. Each of our homes is unique and specifically built on your preferences. … Read more »

Functional Kitchens and Pantries

If you’re considering building new, your dream home probably includes a spacious, efficient kitchen with extra storage and a large pantry. At Colonial Homes, we're dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Our custom-built homes include open concept kitchens with easily accessible custom-designed pantries that are both functional and beautiful… Read more »

Advantages of Building a Custom Home

If you’re looking for a new home, you may want to consider the benefits of building a custom home. Creating a custom home with Colonial Homes in Greater Fort Wayne comes with many unique advantages over buying an existing home.… Read more »

Let There Be Light

One of the many advantages of designing your own custom home is the ability to address its orientation and optimize your home’s natural light. Natural light is a crucial element in any modern home; it enhances the comfort and beauty of your living spaces and provides many additional benefits. … Read more »

New Home Benefits

It is well known that home-ownership provides many benefits, including peace of mind and potential financial security. But purchasing a newly built home, one that has been specifically customized for your personal needs, can completely transform your quality of life.… Read more »

Fort Wayne Home Builder

Colonial Homes has been Fort Wayne’s leading custom home builder serving Indiana and northwestern Ohio since 1976. For over 45 years, Colonial Homes has been creating custom-built homes in Fort Wayne and beyond for your style of living.… Read more »

Luxurious Custom Millwork

At Colonial Homes, we know that quality is all in the details. One aspect of our design that sets us apart from the competition is our magnificent custom-designed millwork and trimwork for each of our distinctive new homes. … Read more »

Custom-Designed Lighting

All homeowners want a warm, inviting space for friends and family to gather. They want kitchens to look fresh and clean and lounging spaces to feel cozy and comfortable. Lighting serves a crucial function, but it also plays an essential role in the environment it creates.… Read more »

Custom Quality and Craftsmanship

Colonial Homes, Fort Wayne's premier home builder, has an unrivaled reputation for quality and craftsmanship in Northeast Indiana and Ohio. We work with you to find the right location for your home and to develop a site plan that makes the most of what your lot has to offer. … Read more »

Creating Quality Custom-Built Homes for Over 40 Years
Create an Outdoor Oasis

Has being cooped up this winter inspired you to get outside? Outdoor entertainment spaces do so much more than just give you additional living space; it’s a great way to add value and character to your property.… Read more »

Professional Quality Remodeling with Colonial

Colonial Homes is now offering superior home remodeling services in the Greater Fort Wayne area. Our highly trained and certified home remodeling experts have years of experience and can handle anything from room additions to complete remodels. … Read more »

Design with Art in Mind

In interior design and the design of new construction, the incorporation of artwork is often an afterthought. Art is the final touch to a room once the final coat of paint has dried, and all of the furniture is in place. But, what if we custom designed that same space with selected art pieces in mind. The right art can completely change a room from mundane and boring to breathtaking.… Read more »

Working Remotely - The Perfect Home Office

Working remotely with its low overhead and increased productivity, has become a global necessity. Telecommuting from a domestic setting is obviously different from the traditional workspace, and with that comes a set of non-traditional complications. … Read more »

Design with Purpose

Building your custom home is an exciting process but involves much planning. When creating a home, take into account each room. Design with the purpose of each room in mind, and consider where your furniture will be placed.… Read more »

Custom Home Design with Colonial

Everyone loves coming home at the end of the day to a place that is all yours. Even with your home's quirks and flaws, there is no place like it. But what if you could have control over all of those little annoyances before even moving in?… Read more »

Sophisticated Storage Solutions

Although often overlooked, storage can be one of the most important components to a healthy, happy, and organized home. Many homeowners are starting to understand that being organized saves time, adds value to your home, and simplifies your living space.… Read more »

Your Perfect Farmhouse

Living in a rural setting, away from the conveniences of city life, is daunting for some people. However, the benefits of country living can significantly outweigh the trade-off of driving a short way to the city. In the country, you have the freedom to explore your passions.… Read more »

Build with Colonial

Because of the many growing communities in NE, Indiana, building a new home can be a great way to get the location, amenities, floor plan, and design you genuinely want. Colonial Homes custom builds for your style of living, creating specialized spaces for family life, entertainment, work, and outdoor living. … Read more »