The Colonial-Style Home

Colonial Style Home Drawing

Colonial-style homes offer a classic American architectural style with a timeless allure. This home style is often a favorite for people who appreciate tradition and symmetry.

The History of the Colonial Home

When European settlers came to America in the 17th century, they brought their architectural influences to the New World. At the heart of the colonial home style lies a sense of order and simplicity.

The exterior of a colonial home was traditionally painted in understated colors like white or gray. The front door was almost always centered, often featuring symmetrical front entrance columns flanked by evenly spaced windows. The traditional layout placed the formal living and dining rooms at the front of the home, with the kitchen and family rooms in the back.

While the layout of this classic style rarely changed, the details of the crown moldings, wainscoting, and fireplaces showcased the era's craftsmanship.

Tradition Meets Modern Living

In today's world, colonial-style homes continue to attract homeowners seeking a blend of the old and the new. Modern building trends like open floor plans, energy-efficient materials, and smart technology integrate seamlessly with historical colonial charm.

Colonial Homes uses thoughtful design to combine classic colonial elements with contemporary design features. When you build with us, you can count on a home that offers elegance, order, and enduring beauty.

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