Your Perfect Farmhouse

For some people, the thought of living in a rural setting, away from the conveniences of city life, is daunting. However, the benefits of country living can greatly outweigh the trade-off of having to drive a short way to the city. In the country, you have the freedom to do whatever it is that you're passionate about. You can find a piece of land, build the home of your dreams, and make it your own.

Maybe you dream of starting a small hobby farm. With rural living, that dream can be realized. With your hobby farm, you can supplement your full-time job, or just have something relaxing and fulfilling to do on the weekends. Or it could be that you want your farm to produce enough money to replace your current job. A small farm can range from a half-acre with a few laying hens and a small veggie garden, to 40 acres with cattle, dairy cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, and acres of field crops and vegetables, the possibilities are endless. In the country, you find peace and quiet and the freedom for more sustainable living. For a lawn away from the restrictions of a neighborhood homeowner association, you could grow a clover lawn instead of grass and only have to mow once a season!

In the country, you would have room to grow healthy food, plant fruit-bearing trees, escape from the pollution of the city, and find the peace and quiet that is often lacking in an urban home. Whatever adventure you are ready for, Colonial Homes wants to make your farmhouse dream come true. Build your little piece of heaven with us.

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