Two Cooks in the Kitchen

When you're thinking about building your own home, you probably have a list of problems you hope to solve in your current home. At Colonial Homes, we work to create stunning homes that integrate thoughtful design to create spaces that actually make life easier and more enjoyable.

Easing Congestion in High-Traffic Areas

  • The Kitchen: In times in the not-so-distant past, the hearth was the heart of the home, where meals were prepared, stories were told, and people warmed themselves by the glow of its embers. The kitchen has replaced the hearth in today's homes, but the appeal is the same. The kitchen is a place to come together to cook a warm meal, sit, chat, and recharge from our busy lives. Since everyone wants to be in the kitchen, we design and build them for how we live. The kitchen must allow easy movement between cooking and dining and have enough room for everyone to keep things running smoothly.

Harmonious Homes by Colonial

  • The Landing Zones: The first impression of your home is often made in the entryway, but it's also usually where everyone walks in and dumps everything. Well-designed entryways, landing zones, and mudrooms help reduce congestion by providing designated areas for shoes, coats, and bags. Consider built-in storage solutions like cubbies, wall hooks, and benches with built-in storage to hide the clutter. Organizing these high-traffic areas sets the tone for a home that feels orderly and peaceful.

At Colonial Homes, we build homes that perfectly balance modern amenities with timeless comfort. By focusing on how you live, we create homes that solve the problems of your current space and anticipate your future needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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