Design with Art in Mind

In interior design and the design of new construction, the incorporation of artwork is often an afterthought. Art is the final touch to a room once the final coat of paint has dried, and all of the furniture is in place. But, what if we custom designed that same space with selected art pieces in mind. The right art can completely change a room from mundane and boring to breathtaking.

When you are building a new home, or just redecorating your current home, consider incorporating art into your living spaces. Artwork does more than create a focal point in a room; it adds a level of emotion, connection, and sophistication that evokes thought and conversation. Here are some things to consider when building a home with artwork in mind:

  • Mood - Art is a language that can activate regions of the brain that elicit potent emotions. Choose art that you love that conveys the atmosphere that you would like to have in the space.

  • Scale - Improper scale can leave the viewer underwhelmed. A simple rule is that wall art should cover between 4/7 and 3/4 of your wall for the most appealing visual presentation. The artwork doesn't have to be one large painting; it could be a collection of small pieces of art or photographs arranged together.

  • Lighting - While designing and building your new home, it is the perfect time to consider lighting for displayed artwork. Proper lighting allows your carefully selected and loved art pieces to shine. Install lights around paintings and sculptures with dimmer switches to allow you to control the level of light on the artwork.

  • Display - Improperly displayed artwork takes away from the viewer's experience and enjoyment. Be sure to hang artwork at the right height. The center of the artwork should be around natural eye level or between 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches. Group artwork close together rather than scattered across a room to create a focal point. Sculptural artwork should have adequate space around it. Consider creating a special alcove in your home design for beloved pieces.

Adding original paintings or sculptures to your spaces allows you to express your inner self and creates an avenue for others to forge a personal connection with you. At Colonial Homes, we go above and beyond to create the perfect home for your aesthetic and style of living.

Colonial Homes has an unparalleled reputation for excellence and craftsmanship in the Greater Fort Wayne area. With over 40 years of experience in creating functional spaces for family life, entertainment, hosting, work, and outdoor environments, our quality and service are something you can count on in any home we build.

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