Fort Wayne Home Builder

Colonial Homes is a family owned and operated custom home builder, building homes in Fort Wayne, the state of Indiana and northwestern Ohio since 1976.

Colonial Homes custom builds for your style of living, creating specialized spaces for family life, entertainment, hosting guests, work and outdoor environments. We have over 40 years of experience in custom drafting services, award winning design, and working closely with clients throughout the building process. Colonial’s quality and service do not change regardless of home price.


“During the recent build of our new home, Colonial Homes could not have been more professional."

- Tony and Peggy Restivo

Latest News

Consider Furniture in New Home Design

Designing a new home offers an opportunity to tailor each space to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. The consideration of furniture placement and traffic flow is essential when creating a well-thought-out space that is both beautiful and functional.… Read more »

Transform Your Home with a Whole-Home Remodel

Have you outgrown your home’s style and layout and considered building a new home but love your current location too much to give it up? A whole-home remodel with Colonial Homes offers a modern solution that reimagines your living environment – custom-fit your lifestyle – without uprooting and moving… Read more »

Adding Character Through Architectural Details

Building a custom home with Colonial Homes in Northeast Indiana means creating a space that's uniquely yours, right down to the architectural details that give your home its character. Here are some exterior features that can transform your new home from standard to standout… Read more »

Versatile Multipurpose Design

The past few years have seen an evolution in the way we live in our homes. The word “pivot” was on everyone’s lips as our world changed and we learned to adapt. Today’s new homes are evolving too. Colonial Homes, based in the heart of Northeast Indiana, specializes in homes that aren’t simply beautiful but are beautifully adaptable to fit your needs… Read more »

The Art of Customization

Colonial Homes luxury homebuilders understand that building a home is not just about constructing a living space, but creating a personal sanctuary tailored to your taste to fit the way you live. Our strength lies in the unmatched level of customization for your dream home, ensuring that every corner reflects your style… Read more »